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If you are looking to get yourself behind the wheel

you have come to the right place.


The Martin Webley School of Motoring serves Stafford and surrounding areas including Stone, Haughton, Gnosall, Acton Trussell and Penkridge. All of my courses follow the DVSA syllabus from Cockpit Drill, Mock Test, Test to Motorway lessons. Make sure you check out my Current Deals - designed to give you more motoring for your money!


I provide tuition for:
• Total Beginners
• Learners with some experience
• Learners at test standard
• Existing drivers in need of a refresher course or motorway experience

I am a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor. So regardless of your ability, my aim is to make you a confident, adept and ultimately a safe driver. Thank you for visiting.

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Martin Webley
DVSA Approved Driving Instructor with 36 years of driving experience

Call 07813 505 777

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